Global Child

Global Child World language instruction for students! Can you say Bonjour, ¡Hola! or Ni Hao! ? Introduce your child to the Chinese, Spanish, or French language by enrolling them in the GLOBAL CHILD program! Studies show that children who study a second language at an early age perform better academically. We have been providing world languages classes since 1992! Our program emphasizes listening and speaking skills with culture integrated into the language. Global Child classes are academic and fun! Classes meet once a week for 10 weeks starting in late September. Our teachers have experience with children. They have been trained in the GLOBAL CHILD method, which introduces language through songs, movement, and skits. Our teachers are passionate about sharing their language! Contact Diana about registering and class schedules soon!

Global Child Director: Diana Hibner at 978-851-5337,

To register visit:

Or  Contact Harvard Community Education 978-456-4118