Spectrum (School Year)

Enrichment Programs for Students 

Spectrum offers enrichment programs before and after school at HES.  Our instructors are teachers, parents, and townspeople as well as companies that provide programs for children.  

Do you have a talent or hobby you would like to teach?  Contact the Community Education office, jcavanaugh@psharvard.org or 978-456-4118. 

 be sure to read the Important Registration Information below.  Registrations WILL NOT be processed until we have received BOTH Registration AND Payment (if paying online, you MUST email the Payment Confirmation number to jcavanaugh@psharvard.org.

Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
ALL classes have a registration deadline (Instructors need to plan and gather/purchase supplies).

Each class is self-supporting and must meet a minimum enrollment in order to run.
Class fees are non-refundable (fee will be refunded only if a class is cancelled).

We will do our best to remove a flyer once a class has reached capacity.  If you are looking for a specific flyer and do not see it, the class may be full and may have been removed. Contact the Community Education office if you have questions, or to request to be put on a waiting list.

To Register:           IMPORTANT INFORMATION
1.  Use the online registration form, or print the paper form and deliver to the Community Education office, 39 Mass. Ave., Harvard.
2.  Deliver a check, payable to: Town of Harvard, to the Harvard Community Education office
OR make payment through the Online Payment Center (Unipay). The bank charges a 25 cent fee per transaction.  The online payment is by electronic check.
3.  IF you use the online payment option, please email a copy of your receipt or your payment confirmation number to:  jcavanaugh@psharvard.org (we do not receive notification of payment from Unipay).  STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ADDED TO A ROSTER UNTIL BOTH REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT HAVE BEEN RECEIVED.
4. A reminder/confirmation will be sent by email within the week prior to the start date.  IF a class is full, we will contact you, normally within 2 business days and your payment will be returned/refunded (Unipay payments are refunded by check through the Town Warrant system).

No refunds are issued, unless a class is cancelled (does not meet minimum enrollment), fee will be returned/refunded.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or by email if you have any questions.
978-456-4118                jcavanaugh@psharvard.org