Harvard Public Schools
39 Massachusetts Ave.
Harvard, MA 01451
   Office Phone: (978) 456-4140
   Office fax: (978) 456-8592

   Linda G. Dwight

   Mary Zadroga
   Adminstrative Assistant to the Superintendent

   Karen Shuttle
   Business Office/Registrar
   978 456-1248

   Sharon Schmidt
   Transportation Coordinator

   Marie Harrington
   Director of Pupil Services
   978 456-4143

   Susan Frederick
   HES Principal
   27 Massachusetts Avenue
   978 456-4145 ex. 112

   James O'Shea
   TBS Principal
   14 Massachusetts Avenue
   978 456-4152 ex. 503

Bromfield School Antique Postcard

Welcome to PSharvard.org,
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the Harvard Public Schools.

This site is designed to provide parents, students, and community members with pertinent information about our schools. We invite you to learn more about the people and programs that make Harvard such an exceptional district.

Updates and Announcements

Vision Statement

The Harvard Public Schools community, a leader in educational excellence, guides each student to realize his or her highest potential by balancing academic achievement with personal well-being in the pursuit of individual dreams. The students engage in learning how to access and apply knowledge, think critically and creatively, and communicate effectively. They continue to develop the confidence and ability to collaborate, contribute, and adapt in an ever-changing world.