What's Happening:

HES Building Project Survey 2

The Building Committee will be making an important decision on June 8th regarding whether to propose a renovation or a new building to the town for a vote. 

Please share your feedback in our second HES Building Project Survey at tinyurl.com/HESsurvey2

Statement from the Harvard Public Schools

The Harvard Public Schools values respect and diversity in our school community. One of our core values is to create and maintain a safe and inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff that values diversity. Recently our school district experienced some racially divisive incidents. We take all of these incidents very seriously. The police were immediately involved, families brought in, consequences were given, counseling was provided, and a diversity professional was brought in to meet with students. We do not and will not tolerate harassment or any other conduct that is antithetical to the values of our school community. Looking forward, we will continue to engage diversity professionals to work with our school community while creating opportunities for families and students to engage in activities and conversations to promote inclusivity. There is work yet to be done both in our community and across the country to eliminate racism and intolerance and we are committed to that challenge.

The District Leadership Team
The School Committee 

Superintendent's Message

Welcome to our new website!

It is my pleasure to serve as the Superintendent of Schools in Harvard, MA. Our district uses our Vision Statement as a guiding document for decision making and future planning. The part of the Vision that focuses us on the students' balancing academic achievement with personal well-being encourages us to maintain the traditional rigor while including new health and wellness options and infusing technology throughout the curriculum. We continue to evaluate every aspect of our district to ensure that we are moving closer to our vision of success. 

Linda G. Dwight

Linda Dwight